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Natural Beauty Plus products helps keep your skin beautifully soft, smooth and glowing the natural way.

Our line of all-natural cleansing sponges gently clean and exfoliate the skin while stimulating blood flow and encourage new skin cells, revitalizing the complexion without damaging the skin.

We offer all-natural beauty care products for every skin type, from the delicate skin of a newborn baby, through the acne-prone teenage years to the wrinkles of later life.

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Customer Comments

This sponge is amazing
It feels like a rock till you get it wet and then it becomes a wonderful soft little sponge that makes my skin feel clean and exfoliated without the hassle of other products.
9/9/2017 : Olivia
Love this!
I have been using this sponge daily for about 2 weeks now and my face looks smoother and clearer, i really love this sponge!
10/24/2017 : Emily
Soft and Gentle
I have sensitive skin and using this sponge for my daily morning wash has made my skin feel soft and clean without feeling dry.
11/3/2017 : Mia
Strange and Amazing!
This is a strange yet amazing sponge, at first it's very hard but when you soak it and it becomes wet it gets so soft. I really love the way the sponge massages the skin, so gentle. Love love love.
11/17/2017 : Isabella
Quick Results
I didn't know what to expect, but after only one use my skin was visibly smoother and brighter looking.
12/5/2017 : Maria
Nice and Smooth
When i first got the sponge it was very hard, rough and dry then when i put it in water it got bigger and softer. Using the sponge feels really nice on my skin and makes it so smooth without being too harsh. Will buy again. softens then you need only a tiny dab of your cleanser to use it to clean your face, chin and neck.
12/28/2017 : Alanza
Cute and cuddly
Got this pink sponge as a gift on Valentines day, its so soft and cute i can't stop touching it. Have been using it daily and it just makes the skin feel so lovely and fresh afterwards.
2/25/2018 : Sadie
Love this sponge!
Love this sponge! It cleans really well, yet leaves my skin feeling soft. As an added bonus i find myself using less cleanser because the sponge makes it foam up more than my bare hands do.
1/5/2018 : Lea
Deep Clean
Love this sponge, it even works with water only but when i want a really deep clean feel i use it together with a cleanser.
1/19/2018 : Alice
No irritating chemicals
When wet the sponge feels a little soapy even though there is no soap in it. My face feels clean and soft afterwards with no irritating chemicals.
1/21/2018 : Chloe
Woeks well
I love this sponge it just works so well does not leave my skin feeling dry like most cleansers do.
1/24/2018 : Akane
Morning skin care
I use this sponge with no additional cleanser in the morning, but in the evening when removing make-up i also need to use a cleanser first.
1/31/2018 : Tanya
Cleand and Soft
I really like how clean and soft my face feels after cleansing with this sponge and its even gentle enough to exfoliate my eye area. After getting this sponge i don't feel the need to use scrubs anymore.
2/6/2018 : Maja
Wonderfull and amazing
This sponge is amazing, it comes rock hard in the package but softens up wonderfully when wet and need just a drop of a baby wash to make it soapy. I love how soft and gentle this sponge is and use it to clean my baby boy without any complaints.
2/10/2018 : Lilly
Gentle exfoliation
I use this sponge in the shower every morning and it feels soft yet also firm and provides the gentlest exfoliation you can imagine.
2/22/2018 : Hanna
Great baby sponge
Great sponge that gently cleans my baby’s soft skin. As soon as the sponge gets wet it becomes very soft and does not irritate his skin use after use.
2/26/2018 : Mila
Thumbs up!
I love this cleansing sponge it makes my face feel silky smooth, brightens and even out my skin tone. Thumbs up!
3/3/2018 : Lina
Great for aging skin
With age my skin has been getting thinner and this sponge works great for me as it cleans and exfoliates without being too abrasive.
3/11/2018 : Agatha
Nice and smooth feel
This sponge feels really nice on my skin and helps cleaning my somewhat oily skin without drying it out. I often find myself reaching past my Clarisonic to use the cleansing sponge instead.
3/15/2018 : Jeanne
Love at first Sight!
I've tried the other Konjac sponges before, both from Sephora and Amazon, but the Natural Beauty Plus Sponge is by far the best i have tried. It cleans really well and my skin feels so soft and smooth after use, love love love!!
3/25/2018 : Evie
Clearer and Smoother
Tried using this sponge instead of soap for washing my face, its now been a few weeks and my skin has never looked clearer and smoother!
4/4/2018 : Addison